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5th Nov, 2009

Phoenix Wright GLEE~

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Today has been a lovely day. Absolutely, positively lovely. And it's only going to get better.
I didn't have to wake up until 11:30, for lunch, and then I only had two classes.
Plus, last night was wonderful. Hung out with Nancy and Mary for three hours, then had exec with the board + Mayra and Andy. :] Had wonderful sweet goodnight smooch in the hallway. Of all the things that make this whole situation unbelievable, the adorableness is a huuuuuuge one. x3
Ale was so right, at the beginning. I may not have known it then. But I am such a puddle of smitten-ness. xD

And in a few minutes, I have a dinner date with Suzanna, Mayra, and Lily. Those kids are rockin'! I'm so ready. And knowing them, there will probably be some cuddles after. xD

My friend did come to visit today, but I don't mind. She'll be gone by next weekend, around the time I need to start packing for the CABIN TRIP. ♥
I am so ready for that weekend. :]

This post is for Suzanna, who requested that I write something, so she could creep. :D

22nd Oct, 2009


(no subject)

So really, I am both frantically getting ready for Halloween, and looking forward to it. I'm so nervous that I won't be able to get motivated to finish my costume in time. Gonna be Peppermint Patty. :]

Overall, things are going well. I was really worried for a while. Before ROUND 2 with Destiny, I had never been broken up with. And, ahaha, I did not handle it well. At all. Constant panic, constant nausea, constant self-hate.
But the trip to DC for the National Equality March really helped. A ton. Got my mind off of things. Bonded with new and old friends. Met some new people who I'll probably never see again, like these completely adorable gay veterans.
And now? Now I'm back to being me, mostly. :]
Still having flashes of emo!Jess. But for the most part, I'm okay. Getting back to being the same old laid-back me of whom I approve.

Went on a date last night. With a girl who is so sweet. Sosweet. And so fucking far out of my league, haha. I don't quite understand what she sees in me. But I am A-OK with that.
And I know and love her cousins. ♥ They're such cool kids, who I've known since high school. Plus, they approve, which is always a good thing.

But overall, my life has been pretty normal. Class. Sleep. Got a haircut. Midterms. Being awkward.

8th Jun, 2009


(no subject)

Oh, dear.
I'm sorry?
Nothing's been going on in my life.
I just. Forgot about livejournal. Well, not forgot.

I was just slightly more lazy than I should've been.
And didn't log in.


Anyway. I'm not going to make any promises about updating my livejournal with all sorts of crazy adventures, and dreadful lesbian drama.
But I'll try to keep up with my flist?

Though, I would like to mention that I'm going to be off work for the next 2 weeks or so, since the restaurant at which I normally work caught on fire.
Something electrical. Hooray, no more dealing with coworkers and stupid customers!
-sigh- I used to love Texas Roadhouse. :/

Also, just looked. And my last entry was a "Happy New Year" post. D:

1st Jan, 2009


Happy New Year!

Yeah, that's right.
Alive, still.
Even though this morning I woke up with swollen gums that hurt like hell.
Oh, well. :]

Going home on Sunday, back to Knoxville. I miss my friends. My hallmates. Lambda.

Even though UT's financial situation is really sucky right now, and my German class has been canceled. No, not just 'my german class'.
The only German 201 available. Great.
So my foreign language is going to be put on hold until the fall, apparently.
And guess who won't remember half the stuff she learned last semester!

So I need to find another class, so I'll have enough hours to be a full-time student, and won't lose my scholarships. I have another class already, but I'm just waitlisted for it. If I could make sure I'd get that one, I'd be okay. I wouldn't have the hours I wanted- I was hoping for a nice, even 16. But I'd have more than 12. :/

I hope the year all of you have is excellent. :]

5th Nov, 2008

Brock Obama

(no subject)

Everything is going right.

I'm proudda you, America.

13th Oct, 2008

Talk to the Hand

(no subject)

So, I really love when I don't look at a syllabus.
And think that I have an exam the next day.
So I stay up all night cramming, because the professor doesn't make sense in class.
And completely exhaust myself.

Then check the syllabus that morning.
And find out that the exam is on Wednesday.


At least I know more than I did before?

I have a feeling that I'm gonna need a nap later today.

7th Oct, 2008


Top 5 ATM


Some music. :]

Apocalyptica - In the Hall of the Mountain King
Seriously? This is like, the perfect song.
I love to listen to it. Often, haha. I've had it for a while, but like a few others on this list, it doesn't get old.

The Dimes - Salt and Foam
If you haven't listened to The Dimes yet. This is your chance. All their songs are fantastic, so I have a hard time choosing, but I eventually settled on Salt and Foam. Lots of clapping and yelling and tambourine and fun. :]

Get Set Go - I Hate Everyone
Such a fun song to sing along with. When I'm feeling angry, or roadragey, I just scream my lungs out to this song.
"Some fucking asshole just cut me off, and gave me the finger when I fucking honked. Then he proceeded to put on the brakes, the slammed on the breaks, but I made a mistake. When I climbed out of my van he was waitin', but he was 6'3" and 200 pounds of Satan; I hate everyone."
It doesn't get much better than that.

Wojahn Brothers - Oh No You Didn't!
Although a bunch of you all have probably heard this on the Merc 2 commercial, I still can't get enough of it. Plus, it's the full version. Yay!
I love the contrast between the lyrics and the style. :]
I play this over and over again, and probably annoy my neighbors in my dorm, but whatever. It's worth it.

Ingrid Michaelson - Far Away
Soothing, fun song. :]
It's the bonus track from her CD Girls and Boys, and my favorite from the album.
It's one of the only ones I actually listen to when it comes up on my mp3 player.

And. I wanted to add this next song, instead of Salt and Foam, but I'm pretty sure I got it here. And not a long time ago, either.
It's probably not a good sign that I can't remember. D:
But, whatever.
Alela Diane - Pirate's Gospel

11th Sep, 2008



So, I had my first math exam today.
The class starts at 8:12.

I woke up.
On the sixth floor of my dorm, 15 minutes away from Ayres Hall.
At 8:06.

I grab my crap, shove a piece of gum in my mouth, put on shoes and a bra, and sprint out the door.

I don't make it on time.
But I was only 4 minutes late.
Which is insane.
Making it to Ayres 10 minutes after waking up in Massey?
I was determined, apparently.
(And very sweaty.)

He let me take it, thankfully.
And it was pretty darn easy. :]
I'm a little unsure about the amount of time I spent on one of the problems, since he gave us a whole page, and I only used half of it.
And I pretty much changed directions on one of the problems, because I realized that more than two people could get dressed in the same second.
(There are 86,400 seconds in a day. You are at a football game with 100,000 people in the stadium. Can you guarantee that some of them got dressed in the same second? Can you guarantee that you got dressed in the same second as someone else? I said, at first, that to guarantee that you got dressed in the same second as someone else, that there had to be 172,800 people in the stadium to guarantee it. Then realized that more than two could be getting dressed at the same time. So the only way to guarantee that you got dressed at the same time as someone else was if you were in the same room, trying to get dressed in the same second.)

But I finished quickly, and yayluck.

Um, note to self. Never. Ever. EVER. Go back to sleep after your alarm clock goes off.
'Cause you never know when you'll forget to reset it, and -just- turn it off, instead.

5th Sep, 2008

House WHUT?

What is wrong with meeee?

Yesterday, after eating. We got back to the dorm room, and just stood in the hall and talked.
At first, it was me, Bree, Maria, Danielle, Tracy, and Brittany.
But then they all left.
Until it was just me and Maria.
For three. Freakin'. Hours.
We got back at 6:56. We went to our rooms at 10:05.

It was not boring, though.
Unexpectedly not boring.
I didn't think I could carry a conversation for so long with so few awkward silences.

Music. :D
'Cause I feel like it.
A Perfect Circle - Imagine
Pretty darn good cover of John Lennon's Imagine. <3

4th Sep, 2008

Booth Down

(no subject)

"McCain running mate speaks as someone unconcerned with public opinion"

Because that's exactly what we need, here in the US, to fill the position of someone to represent the citizens' opinions.
(well, she won't be president, true. but, from how the campaign has been run in the past week? you'd think she was the one running.)

If they get it, I swear. D:
I just want to have the right to leave the United States once I graduate if it's bad enough.
And, from the looks of things.
Since my right to emigrate is already being heavily taxed.
I may not have that right.

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